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Bible Classes



Cradle Roll  Laura Bentley-Sun; Melissa Caylor-Wed

Ages 2-3  Lesley Mowery-Sun; Joey Smith-Wed

Ages 4-5  Ruth Ashworth-Sun; Joey Smith-Wed

Grades 3-5  Carla Herren-Sun; Stump Smith-Wed

Grades 6-8  Ben Smith-Sun; Stump Smith-Wed

Grades 9-12  Ben Smith-Sun; Stump Smith-Wed

Adult Auditorium  Dale Mowery-Sun; Richard Bentley-Wed

Adult Fellowship Hall  Resa Byrd/Ladies Class-Sun









SUNDAY: Bible Study 10AM * Worship 11AM * Worship 6PM *** WEDNESDAY: Bible Study 7PM

Clinton church of Christ
Clinton church of Christ
Clinton church of Christ