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You often hear the phrase, "The youth are the church of tomorrow."  At Clinton, we believe they are also the church of today.  Our youth activities are for everyone from cradle roll to college.  We don't "hide out" in the youth group either – we strive to be connected to the entire congregation.  Our parents are heavily involved in the coordination of our youth program.  The Clinton church is committed to its young people and the continued growth of its youth ministry. 

SERVICE – Ephesians 4:16   .   SPIRITUAL GROWTH – 1 Peter 2:2   .   RELATIONSHIPS – 1 Timothy 5:1-2   .   RECREATION – Acts 2:44

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SUNDAY: Bible Study 10AM * Worship 11AM * Worship 6PM *** WEDNESDAY: Bible Study 7PM

Clinton church of Christ
Clinton church of Christ
Clinton church of Christ